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Tomato (Solanum Lycopersicum)


Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) is a plant of the family Solanaceae, native to Central and South America, from Mexico to Peru. The tomato itself has a short life cycle and has a height of between 1 and 3 meters. The tomato itself has benefits, among others, prevent cancer, due to its red color in tomatoes contain Lycopene. But in Indonesia's own production in terms of quality as well as quantity alone is still low. It is caused by the State of the ground on land cultivated, the system unbalanced fertilisation, pest and pathogen disturbances, technical cultivation by farmers, as well as the influence of climate and weather on tomato plants. One of the conditions ideal from growing tomato flower i.e. rainfall of 750-1250 mm/year and relative humidity

Large-sized tomatoes are thick, fleshy, seed-bearing red colored slightly, and called the tomato fruit. Small-sized tomatoes are known as the tomato a vegetable and a smaller mention of marbles called chery and tomato mixture used to make chili sauce or dish of lettuce. If people mention tomatoes, the assumption is the fruit to vegetables. But it is long the tomatoes into a ready hand fruit is eaten fresh or dibuatjus as a drink. So the tomatoes are no longer as fruit vegetables, but more than that, that is eaten raw - please click on this link if you do not know how to download .


Tomato plants (Solanum lycopersicum l.) has a taproot which grows to penetrate into the soil and root serabuat which grows toward the side but shallow. Based on the nature of rooting, plants of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum l.) will be able to grow well if planted a ditanah the loose and porous. The stems are green with a four to the square shape of the round. While the young stalks have a soft texture, but once the parents become hard. Tomato stems can reach the height of 2-3 meters.

The leaves of tomato plants (Solanum lycopersicum l.) oval, serrated edges and parts mambentuk the gap – the gap somewhat curved into menyirip. The leaves are green and is the odd compound leaves that add up to 5 – 7. The size of the leaves around (15-30 cm) x (10 x 25 cm) with a long stalk about 3 – 6 cm. between the large leaves are typically grow 1-2 small-sized leaves. Compound leaves on plants of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum l.) grow intermittent intermittent or arranged in a spiral encircling the stem of the plant.

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