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Definition of the plant of Galangal Ginger Type Jahean


A single leaf, green, short-stemmed, arranged berseling. The leaves on the bottom and top are usually smaller than in the middle. The shape of the leaves are elongated, tapered tip lanset, base obtuse, with the edges of the leaves. Pertulangan leaf menyirip. Long leaves around 20-60 cm, and width 4-1 5 cm. Stem more or less leaves 15-30 cm long, grooved, the colour is green. This leaves the stem of each other close to form a pseudo stem green - please click on this link if you do not know how to download .


The number of bunches of flowers at the bottom more than at the top, so it looks elongated pyramid-shaped bunches. The length of the lip of the flowers of 2.5 cm, white with pink colors slashes on each side. Crown of flowers buds at the ends are white, while the base is green. The somewhat fragrant flowers. The fruit is the fruit of buni, round, hard. While still young, green-yellow, after quarter turns into brownish-black, diameter approximately 1 cm. There is also a red-coloured fruits. Seeds small, oval-shaped, colored black.

The Rhizome is big and thick, fleshy, cylindrical bore, diameter about 2-4 cm, and in branches. The outside is brown a bit reddish or pale greenish yellow, have the scales are white or reddish, shiny hardware, while the inside is white. The Rhizome is old flesh fibrous rough. When dried, the rhizome turns into a somewhat greenish, and the fibers into a hard and tough. To get the still delicate fibrous Rhizome, harvest should be done before the plant was approximately 3 months. The taste is sharp, biting, pungent and fragrant essential oils due. Actually there are two kinds of galangal, namely red and white galangal. Galangal white widely used as spices or herbs, while the drug is widely used as a red galangal.

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