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Carrot Plant


Carrot plant bulbs tubers is the stated purpose of these sort of tuber roots. Coming from Afghanistan, the carrot is a source of nutrients and vitamins that is incredible for us to beta carotene, a substance that acts as an antioxidant and can also be converted by the body into vitamin a. Plant carrots has a short stem, and root rooted riding may change shape into round and called bulb. Bulbs this carrot looks pinkish yellow, which means high compound containing carotene and flavonoids which function as antioxidants.

Carrot plant stems very short so it is barely visible, the stem is round, not Woody, hard, and somewhat smaller in diameter (about 1-1.5 cm). In General, dark green stems. The stem of the plant is not yet overgrown by branching, leaf stalks that are long, so it looks like forked- please click on this link if you do not know how to download


Plant rooting system it offers carrots and fibers. In the taproot growth will experience a change of form and function into a storage area for food. Root form will turn into big and elongated, rounded up to a diameter of 6 cm and length up to 30 cm, depending on the varietasnya. Taproot has changed form and function is what is often referred to or known as the "Tuber Carrot".

Carrot vegetable plants bulbs shrubs, shaped a season can be grown throughout the year, both in the rainy season or drought. The stem is short and offers a deeply rooted function turns into a round and elongated. The color of the reddish yellow bulbs, have A very high beta-carotene, carrots Bulbs also contain B vitamins, Vitamin c and minerals (setiawan, 1995dalam (a surname, 2008)). Cahyoo (2002) in (Rini, 2010) said that initially only known to a few varieties of carrots, but with the development of human civilization and technology, currently has found new varieties-varieties are superior than in previous generations. Varieties-varieties of carrots were divided into three groups based on the shape of tuber, namely type Imperator, Chantenay, and Nantes.

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